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Custom Reborning

Custom Reborning Available

McKenna Marie
Born: September 14th

Time: 2:56 pm

Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz

Length: 22"

I wanted to recreate a special baby that would warm your hearts.

Doll Haven would like introduce to you a truly One of a Kind! She will be cherished by her new "Adoptive Parents" for many years to come.

I would like to tell you about a very special addition to the world. Her name is McKenna Marie and she's so unbelievably life-like. When you hold this precious little baby, you'll swear she is real. I'll be sad to see her go but I'm sure her new family will cherish her as if I would.

Her hair was a very special part of her re-borning. It looks and feels just like fine baby hair. I used a Mohair that was dyed in a special color; reddish blonde, and is of the highest quality. Her hand rooted mohair was meticulously placed to give the most natural look as possible. There must be 1000's upon 1000's of strategically placed strands. This was my favorite part of her. When I got her hair done, it was amazing how she took to life! The little locks of hair are just so real.

Below you will find out all about McKenna and how special she really is.

Custom Re-Borning available

I can do custom orders as long as the doll can be found. With the fascination of this re-borning, some of the dolls are hard to find. If you have a doll that you'd like me to custom re-born for you, I would be glad to do this service for you. I love making these babies!

You have the following choices:
  • Your choice of rooted hair or applied wig

  • Color of hair

  • Type of hair: human, mohair, or synthetic. Note: colors may vary on the mohair. Some colors are hard to find. I will match them as close I can to the color you'd like

  • Eyes can be removed to be replaced with Glastic Realistic eyes or glass eyes. Note: color of glass eyes will vary due to different manufacturers. I can email you a picture of the eye color you choose to make sure it's what you'd like put in your doll

  • Style of outfit: This is an option if you'd like something special made for your doll. I make custom outfits to your specifications or you can leave them unclothed for you to dress

  • I will color wash your doll and do all the extra painting that I do for my own. If you have certain things you'd like added to the painting, just let me know

  • Ethnic Color: African-American, Indian, Oriental, or Caucasian. Each color wash will be slightly different so if ordering two, I will get them as close as I can. Dying them a different ethnic color will vary so I will dye them to the color I think you'd like

  • Ears pierced: If you'd like your little babies ears pierced, just let me know.

Any other options or requests gladly taken. You can customize your doll how you'd like her or him to be. Have fun with it! All the dolls will be adorable!

Prices will vary per doll and per order due to differences on what is ordered and what doll it is for. Time will vary on each order also due to the number of orders I have and availability of the dolls ordered. You can email me at: tammy@dollhaven.net if you have any questions.

Here are a few pictures for you to see of little McKenna before I get into her detail. If you'd like to see more, I have many that I could email you. Please use the following email address for any questions: tammy@dollhaven.net

SHHH... She's sleeping......

Look at her sweet name bracelet.....

This has to be one of my favorite pictures!!!!!!!!!

Look how happy and peaceful she looks......

Here she is all snuggled up with her pacifier. (This is a magnetic pacifier so be aware for anyone who might be affected by this prop such as a someone with a pacemaker).

She comes dressed in a very cute play outfit that is shown above with her cuddly soft mauve blanket.

This is another one of my favorite photos of McKenna. I had so much fun posing her in different positions. I must have taken 100 pictures!

My Re-borning Process

Now, let's talk about this little baby.

I would like to tell you about how McKenna came to life. She started out as a cute baby girl from the Berenguer Doll Company. All of her body parts came off her original body and was put on this soft snuggly body. I wanted to show you her body so you could see how she was put together. With my experience in designing doll bodies and clothes, this body I designed looks and feels as natural as possible to a real baby. I just love holding her!

The body is made out of a very soft snuggle material. It almost feels like a real baby's skin. The stitching is very tight so there isn't any seams that will come apart no matter how much she is held and loved.

She is stuffed with sanitized plastic pellets weighted in just the right spots along with non-allergenic Polyfil brand stuffing. It's so soft and won't ever bunch. Her hands and feet filled with sealed sand to give her the needed weight for a natural feel. Her arms and legs are on movable joints which will allow her to be posed in many different positions, just like a newborn. When you hold her with this body weighted just so, you'd think she was a real baby in your arms.... floppy in all the right places.

Let's see some more of her re-borning......

Here is a close-up shot of that cute little foot. I paid special attention to the blushing so that the foot would present a life-like footprint. There is blushing on the outside, in the creases, and special painting on the inside of the foot to create shadows. It looks so real you'll just want to wiggle her little toes!

Here you'll see that I carefully put a natural colored fingernail. I made sure to make the nail very thin to mimic a little baby fingernail. After the application of the fingernails and toenails, they are all triple sealed to last.

Look at her little toenails. I wanted to make them look as natural as possible.

I love her little toes!

Her unique complexion was matched to compliment her hair coloring. I tried many colors and found this one to be the perfect shade.

Her nose was also opened up so the sweet little thing could breathe......

Her lips have a triple seal of matte gloss sealer to make sure that pretty little mouth of hers stays nice.

The Hand Rooted hair

This process was a special treat for me. I couldn't put her down. I wanted to keep rooting and rooting until I got her done but I had to take breaks. It's amazing how the rooted hair changes her looks.

This picture will show the special rooting of the hair. I have over 20 hours on this little head. There are strands that are imbedded one by one in her cute little scalp along with a few together to give her thick and thin places. I wanted to create natural hair pattern for her. Note: The color that shows on this picture is slightly off. Her hair is a reddish-orange in color. I tried to get it to show the correct color but this is as close as I could get with my camera.

This also shows some of the coloring on and in her ears... so cute!

Here is a different picture of her rooted hair. Notice you won't find hardly any bare spots on her scalp. This is due to rooting the individual strands being rooted in the right places.

Custom Reborning
If you have a certain Berenguer doll that you'd like me to reborn for you, you can mail your doll to me for reborning. If you'd like me to find you a doll, let me know the face you're looking for and I'll try to find her. Supplies are limited so you might have a small wait if I'm finding one for you. Then, let me know the particulars from the list and I can email you a quote for her. If you'd like a custom reborn, email me at tammy@dollhaven.net.