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Doll Haven has doll making supplies, greenware, finished dolls, porcelain dolls.

Custom & Portrait Dolls

Custom Dolls
The term "custom" means that you may request a doll totally customized to your specifications. Any picture that you see in my greenware list can be made custom or exactly like the picture. If you are able to email or send your picture or pictures of a face that you want a doll made of, I can email you back pictures of the closest existing molds, sizes and prices, or let you know if a sculpted portrait doll is needed. Both ways are explained below:

A Custom doll would be:
  • A specific doll
  • Style and color of wig
  • Standing, sitting, or ballerina legs
  • Different arm styles
  • Color of eyes
  • Color and outfit style
  • Any other customization requested
Portrait Dolls
The term "Portrait doll" can be made two different ways. Portrait dolls are dolls either made from clay and a rough mold or an existing mold is used.

Existing Mold Portrait Doll
Using an existing mold is more reasonable and most of the time used to get a close likeness. Some, depending on the face, are closer than others making the likeness achieved closer to 80% but most of the dolls made from existing molds are 60-70% close to the likeness. The doll is usually dressed like the outfit in the picture or with a favorite outfit is chosen. The size and price of an existing mold doll depends on the size of the existing mold used. Most dolls from these molds run $175-$375.

Custom Portrait Doll
In other cases, the buyer would like a very close rendition of a certain person made into a "true" Portrait doll. In this case, a head is sculpted to get a good likeness for the Portrait doll. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at ordering and after clay sculpt is accepted, the balance of the doll is required in order to proceed with order. After the head is sculpted and likeness is achieved, a rough plaster mold is made from the original sculpt. After the drying time of the mold, usually 10-14 days, a porcelain doll is made from this. Sculpted dolls are one of a kind and will be 95% or closer to the picture chosen. These dolls can be made in a 14", 18", 24", 28", or 32"; your choice. This type of doll runs $2600 and duplicates can be made for $1200.

Other examples of likenesses achieved can be seen on my portrait page.

Please allow 6-8 weeks on existing mold orders. Portrait dolls that are sculpted, please allow more time because the mold will take a couple of weeks to dry before it can be poured.