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Doll Haven has doll making supplies, greenware, finished dolls, porcelain dolls.

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Ordering Information
All dolls in the catalog can be ordered in the following ways and in 4 different skin tones:
American, African American, Asian, or Indian.

Blanks: Blanks are professionally cleaned and detailed doll parts that are fired to cone 6 and then sanded, ready for you to paint and fire to cone 018.

Kits: With a kit you will get:
  • Professionally cleaned, detailed, and painted porcelain doll parts
  • Pate if needed (covering for the head)
  • S/p connector, if needed (what attaches the head to the shoulderplate)
  • Wig- your choice of color
  • Set of nice plastic eyes- glass eyes may be ordered for an additional price
  • Set of lashes
  • Copy of body pattern- sewn bodies may be ordered for an additional price
Completed Dolls: Completed dolls that are ordered, will be matched as closely to the picture as possible. You may tailor your doll by requesting certain eye colors, hair colors and style, color of skin tone, and color and style of outfit. All dolls can be made boy or girl.

When you are placing an order, please put the correct doll name from the greenware list in the Doll Name section. This allows me to know which doll exactly that you would like to order. Thank you.

To place an order, please fill out the information below. I accept personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, Visa, and MasterCard. After you place an order and shipping is calculated, I will be in contact with you for your payment arrangements. Please make sure you fill out the form completely. You may also pay with your Paypal account upon request.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for your orders but most orders are sent out in 2-4 weeks. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: tammy@dollhaven.net

After the order email is sent, I will get back in touch with you to confirm your order and process your payment method. All information is kept confidential and is not released.

Thank you!

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For Completed Dolls Only:
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Custom doll

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